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beqom compensation management

Compensation Management That's Prepared for Any Tomorrow

beqom focuses exclusively on managing compensation for enterprises that demand the most from their compensation strategy. Since 2009, beqom has helped companies like Daimler, McDonald's, Fujitsu, and PepsiCo reward and motivate their employees, streamline compensation processes, cut costs, reduce risk, and provide operational and strategic agility—inspiring new levels of engagement and performance in their people.

beqom's flexible, adaptable, people-centric compensation management and continuous performance management solutions integrate natively with Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, and other common HR suites, enabling you to manage the total employee experience without compromise.

We are proudly a beqom implementation partner with a highly experienced team. We have helped more than 30+ beqom implementations in the USA and Europe.

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Reward the Moments that Matter

Personalized and timely rewards make employees feel recognized for their contributions and compensated fairly for their achievements, so they feel supported in their development journey and are aligned with the company's purpose.

Employees are motivated when they clearly understand both their goals and their rewards, and can see how their contribution helps their team, the company, and customers reach their goals.

beqom's fully configurable cloud platform covers all areas of performance and compensation allowing managers to lead, align, and motivate employees.

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for Human Resources
  • Performance management

  • Salary management

  • Bonus management

  • Long-term incentives and bonus deferral

  • Equal pay and transparency

  • Executive compensation management

  • Individual compensation planning

  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

  • Analytics and reporting

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for Sales
  • Sales incentive management

  • Sales performance management

  • Objective and quota management

  • Territory management

  • Channel management

  • Personalized rewards packages

  • Continual and on-demand rewards cycles

  • Simulation and reporting

beqom software is trusted by the world's leading organizations to manage more than $300 billion in compensation for 3 million people in 160+ countries.

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